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Knowledge Transfer in Ethiopian Theatre

The South Omo Theatre Company (SOT) is striving to create new outlook to the wide-ranging Ethiopian Theatre. The company is also working its level best to support Ethiopian artists, academics, and all stakeholder’s effort of finding out the indigenous forms of Ethiopian Theatre.

In addition to its theatre projects in Ethiopia, SOT is providing capacity building trainings in various sub fields of Theatre. Collaborating with University of Cincinnati, the company organized a two days stage lighting design to all light designers and technicians across Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Trainees were selected from the state-owned National Theatre, Hager Fikir, Ras, Addis Ababa City Municipality, and Children and Youth Theatres. The training was given by Sharon Huizinga (, one of the best lighting designers of the University who designed among others, international music concerts, theatre and dance, ballets, operas, and high-level governmental events including the coronation of the former USA President Barak Obama.

SOT would like to extend its utmost gratitude to the Ethiopian National Theatre Director Mr. Manyazewal Endeshaw for his relentless effort in organizing all Theatres in Addis and hosting the training. Trainees on their part were amazingly keen to learn about new technologies and experiences. Their active participation and uninterrupted attendance make the training even more interesting. The success of the training was inspiring and an assignment for another commitment.

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