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Our Land

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

SOT member and filmmaker Alexandra Genova premiered her documentary ‘Our Land’ this week, coinciding with Britain’s annual Black History Month. The film tells the story of Britain’s black farmers, food growers and activists who are shaking up the system; carving their own path in the predominantly white agricultural industry.

Alexandra has been covering food and farming stories in the U.K. for a number of years as a print journalist and filmmaker and the lack of ethnic diversity in agriculture was something she had been aware of for some time.

On Tuesday night (26th of October), the screening of ‘Our Land’ sparked discussions about land access in Britain as well as the de-realization of the youth in Jamaica and food and conversation was shared between local food growers, filmmakers, activists, photographers, farmers, policymakers and everyone in between.

‘Britain has entrenched rural demographics and a history of land being owned and inherited by a white wealthy few (less than 1% of the British population owns half the land). I hope that ‘Our Land’ will not only show the deep-rooted inequality in British agriculture but also the pioneering spirit and resilience of those featured, who are enriching the industry,’ says Alexandra. ‘I also hope that it inspires others who might not have thought that agriculture was for them to see it as a viable option.’

‘Our Land’ is available to watch on ITV player for a limited time as part of their Black, British and Breaking boundaries series:

Photo Credit: Locksley Samuda

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